Tuscany, Siena luxory villas for sale


Tuscany, Siena luxory villas for sale.

Montepulciano vintage villa for sale. Already from the outside, as soon as you approach the important gate that enters the property, you will enjoy the intensely sophisticated atmosphere of other times. Framed by a luxuriant vegetation, you can see the ancient dwelling, inside a park of about 7,000 square meters. Which develops in front of the building with tall trees and laurel hedges that create typical Italian garden paths. On the sides left on the lawn, on the side and at the back of the building, there are plants of olive trees and fruit trees; To a lower level, oaks and oak trees, arranged in a circular shape to recreate a small forest that used to call the birds in the past. The property retains the innate fascinating charm that the building possesses, due essentially to its solid structural strength combined with the natural simplicity of the shapes. The main front has a door with an overhanging bow, the framed windows and two “marcapiano” that delimit the length of the whole plastered façade with a light ocher in the face, with a regular geometric motif and other decorative elements Cream-colored plaster. The structure, including the detached body intended for garage and storage, has an area of ​​1150 square meters. , Occupied on the basement floor by the cellars and the two upper floors of the two housing units, the smaller one, with the entrance to the back of the building. From a planimetric point of view it has a regular, rectangular shape, at the center of which the salon represents the most important and prestigious area of ​​the house; The ceilings are characterized by exposed beams, in particular six large beams that stand on shelves carved with natural lines and floral motifs; The floors are mostly in ancient cotto. The cellars, characterized by large brick tile bricks and partially left to the natural, are embellished with an old walled wood press and six “had” dug into the “teddy-shaped” soil spread in the floor And closed by stone lids that used to store the fruits of seasonal crops in the past; One of these is engraved on a date: 1882. The dwelling is recognized as an artistic good.


  • Position
  • Conditions renovated
  • Area 1150 m²
  • Bedrooms
  • Land No
  • Pool no
  • Energy class of the property: gEPI > 175 kWh/m² year

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